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GW.INC Social Justice Ministries will deliver God’s word and love to the neighborhood of East Texas communities and abroad, as a mobile ministry through N-Spirit & Truth Worship Temple, Located in Jacksonville Texas. As an organization, we will establish a portable & mobile worship center experience, to rural and suburban neighborhoods, supported in partnership with corporate and governmental programs. Furthermore, build and sustain a social program presences, that will benefit and foster a relationship with all orphans of circumstance in American communities.

GISJ Ministries extended purpose is to provide a unique and tough love approach for children & youth group homes services for at risk middle and high school youth state wide. To include but not limited to transition home clients and all LGBTQ demographics.

Extended programs will seek to foster partnerships with local targeted local school districts as well: as juvenile court system, law enforcement and local business communities. GISJM will match at risk youth with individual service plans [ISP] with a host of social service representatives to include but not limited to medical field, psychologist, various abuse services and mentors programs. 

Establish Robust Relationships

Nurturing greater independence.

Developing Programs

Facilitating growth

and change.

Shape Public Policy

Describe one of your services

Community Engagement

Advocating with and for marginalized members

of society.


Assisting with life skills and professional development

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