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GW.INC Ministries is a 501.3c or not for profit faith base organization, providing portable temple/church ministry(s) supported with social services and justice programs through out East Texas and the United States. GW.INC Social Justice Ministries mission is pursue partnership with local school districts, colleges & universities, social services, law enforcements, governmental judicial systems as well as other faith base organizations of all ethnicities and faiths.


GW.INC Social Justice Ministries missionary aim is to foster a commitment of truth and spirit to all races, ages, cultures, promoting pro-social friendships yet creating connections and goodwill to all human kind. NSP&TWT recognize the importance community through the lens of love, reasserting a sense of reconnection with family as described by the word of God.


The Mission of GW.INC Social Justice Ministries

is pursuit of the following principles.

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Commitment: GISJM seek to inspire pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal connections and instill a sense of hope and faith in all Texas communities with a faith base approach. Utilizing a temple of worship as a cornerstone for birthing a satellite presence in Texas.


Responsibility: The focus of GISJM, is to empower youth & young adults in establishing goals and following through commitments.


Possibility: GISJM want to expand the perspective of youth/young adults to make them aware of life possibilities.


Support: A individual is dramatically influenced by their support system. GISJM will surround adult/young adult in a caring, safe and inclusive learning environment.


 Establish a strong network of support and communication with: local school districts, juvenile court systems and Department of Economic Security, parents/family, medical and health community.


Launching a series of fundraising activities that will successfully fund the expanding portable church community and social services division.

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